In a very close competition the winners of our QR Code Treasure Hunt – X Marks The Spot were….

Team Samurai

The treasure was hidden at the Spice Bank.

Treasure Hunt Answers

Public Toilet – What letter is in the blue circle? i

Dylan’s – If I needed to ask to play football golf in Welsh, what would the 1st letter of the 2nd word be? P

Information Board – What is the first letter of the animal the might use the beach to rest? S (seal)

Lifeboat Station – How many people are allowed in the lifeboat shop at once? 1=A

Chip Shop – This item of fried food has two words that start with the same letter, what is that letter? B (Battered Burger)

Park – At what number on the map would I roll a wood at a jack? Bowling = 11 = K

Train – Find the 5th letter of the final destination of the eastbound train? (😱We need to apologise for this one as we got the question wrong, it should have said westbound so would be Pwllheli so H)

Post Office – What is the time of the last collection on a weekday? 5=e

Maes – What is the first letter of the ‘local’? Nisa Local so N

Memorial Hall – Find the first letter of the word above St Catherine – Eglwys so e

Below the level crossing – If I had the fish platter and the toasted Italian, how much would it cost? At the Tir a Mor it’s £12.50 + £7.50 so £20 in total which gets the letter T

Lifeboat Green – How many life belts are on the map? 3=C